TBR Chat Help
Left clicking on a player icon selects that player.
Right clicking on a player icon will bring up a drop down menu, which includes a number of different options:

WHISPER sends a private message to that user.

SQUELCH ignore messages from that user.

PROFILE...brings up the TBR profile for that user. Double clicking on TBR players in the channel brings up their profile.

ADD TO FRIENDS adds that user to your friends list.

Yellow text indicates the name of the player speaking.

White Text indicates what you or others have said out loud to the entire channel.

Grey Text indicates you or others have performed that action in the chat channel.

Green Text indicates what you have (< whispered >) to a specific person, or any message that has been < whispered > to you.

Blue Text special messages sent directly from admin.

Red Text represents warning or error messages sent directly from admin.
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